SPAR is organising the 2024 Easter Spinner Winner Competition on and is giving away the chance to win £10,000 cash and 1000’s of instant prizes!

Prize details

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes in the “Spar Spin Win” competition:

Small prizes (total worth £30,000):

  • These are free groceries and discounts.
  • You win them by spinning a digital wheel online.
  • Examples include:
    • A free tub of yogurt
    • Free bottle of soda
    • Free bag of crisps
    • Free chocolate bar
    • Discount voucher for your next SPAR shop visit

Grand Prize:

  • One lucky winner gets £10,000 cash!
  • This is the main prize and there’s only one winner.

In short:

  • Spin the wheel to win free food and discounts at Spar.
  • There’s also a chance to win a big prize of £10,000 in cash.

How to enter this Competition

Entering is simple:

  1. Visit the competition website on
  2. Spin the digital wheel. This will give you one entry for a chance to win small prizes and automatically enter you for the grand prize draw.
  3. You can get another chance to spin the wheel each day by watching a short video from a sponsor.

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