Sign up for Robinhood UK by following this link and enjoy a free stock worth between $7 and $175 as a referral sign-up bonus! All you need to do is to open an account following this link, verify yourself, and make a £1 deposit! Don’t forget to claim the free stock at the end!

💵 Robinhood Referral Code & LinkLink – Click here
💰 Referrer EarnsBetween $7 and $175 in free stocks
🤑 Referral EarnsBetween $7 and $175 in free stocks
📅 Get Paid WhenClaim instantly, after £1 deposit
💲 Cash OutClaim instantly, after a £1 deposit
How the Robinhood UK Referral Programme works

About the Robinhood UK app

Robinhood’s recently arrived in the UK, offering a new way to invest in American companies. Think of it as an app that lets you buy slices of ownership in big US firms like Apple or Amazon, all from your phone. Unlike some other investment platforms, Robinhood won’t charge you a commission for buying or selling these shares.

Another neat feature is fractional shares. This means you can start investing with as little as a pound, buying just a tiny portion of a share instead of needing the whole whack. They’ll even give you 5% interest on any cash you keep in the app, like a virtual piggy bank.

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, there are a couple of things to consider. For now, you can only invest in American companies, not British ones. It’s also worth double-checking any other fees that might be lurking because there can sometimes be hidden costs. Remember, investing always carries a risk – the value of your shares could go down as well as up.

So, Robinhood offers a new option for Brits who fancy dipping their toes into the world of US stocks without getting stung with big fees. Just like any investment though, treat it with caution and do your research before diving in.

What is the Robinhood referral programme in the UK?

The Robinhood app runs a referral programme at the moment in the UK. By sharing your unique referral link, you can receive stocks worth between $7 and $175 for every friend who signs up and funds their account. They will receive a free stock worth between $7 and $175 too for joining the platform.

Who is eligible for the Robinhood referral bonus?

The Robinhood referral bonus and programme is only for folks who are brand new to Robinhood in the UK. Here’s what you need to tick off to be eligible:

  • You use this link to sign up for a Robinhood account.
  • You’ve never had a Robinhood UK account before.
  • You live in the UK.
  • You apply for a Robinhood UK account and get approved.
  • You connect your bank account to Robinhood UK and deposit some money.

If any of these don’t apply to you, then this offer isn’t a good fit. Also, Robinhood UK has the right to say no to anyone applying for the program.

How much is the Robinhood UK referral bonus?

Approximately 96% of participants in the Robinhood Referral bonus programme will receive a cash value of $7 to $8 (net). Rewards are distributed according to the probabilities outlined in the table below.

Free share valueProbability of reward
$7 to $8Approximately 96% probability
$8 to $15Approximately 2% probability
$15 to $25Approximately 1% probability
$25 to $50Approximately 0.90% probability
$50 to $175Approximately 0.10% probability
Reward distribution of the Robinhood referral bonuses.

What are the steps to earn the Robinhood UK referral bonus?

Here’s what you need to do to earn the Robinhood referral bonus in the UK:

  1. Be brand new to Robinhood: This means you’ve never had a Robinhood UK brokerage account before. Sign up using this link
  2. Live in the UK: This program is only available for UK residents.
  3. Apply for a Robinhood UK brokerage account and get approved: Download the app and go through their application process. Make sure you meet their requirements.
  4. Link your bank account and deposit some money (minimum £1): You’ll need to connect your UK bank account to your Robinhood account and transfer some money into it.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be eligible to receive the referral bonus, which is a cash value between $7 and $175 that you can use to buy stocks or fractional shares offered by Robinhood.

Important to remember: Robinhood UK has the right to decline your application for the program at any time.

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