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Last update: 1st August 2023

Here, we provide you with detailed instructions on how to earn guaranteed money by signing up for various services through referral codes. We understand that earning extra income can be a challenging task, which is why we are dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom through simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Our website offers a wide range of referral programmes that are designed to help you earn money with minimal effort. But we don’t limit ourselves to referral programmes only – you ‘ll find cashback offers, bank switch offers, and crazy credit card point offers – anything we think can benefit your pocket!

So, whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or just looking to supplement your income, our website has something for everyone. Sign up today and start earning guaranteed money through referral codes!

You can all benefit from the offers below

If you follow all the suggested offers below, you’ll be making around £205 absolutely for free

Referral Programmes with cash incentives

ProgrammeReferrer GetsReferral GetsLink / Code
Binance£80 ($100)£80 ($100)Click here
Cash App£5£5HHLZMJJ – Click here
Curve Card£5£5Click here
Monzo£5£5Click here£20£20ryn9sighae | Link – Click here
Wirex£12£12Click here
RevolutFrom £10 to £200From £10 to £200Click here
Kraken£8£8Click here (from mobile device)
KuCoinUp to $500 in bonusUp to $500 in bonusCode: “rJHQ7CE” – Link – Click here
Jam Doughnut£20£20code “TYGS”
PayPal£20£20Click here
TransferGo£30N/ACode: “newcomps” – Link – Click here
List of available referral programmes with cash prizes available in the UK

Referral Programmes with non-cash incentives

ProgrammeReferrer GetsReferral GetsLink / Code
INSHUR£25 in Tesco or Amazon gift card£25 in Tesco or Amazon gift cardLink – Click here
Hopper£20 off Hotels£20 off Hotelsioannisk1z6d” – Link – Click here
Poshmark£5 in credits£5 in creditsLink – Click here (mobile) – Code: GIANKAR
Shopmium£3 in cashFree chocolatesCode: yb3q6q – Link – Click here

Referral Programmes from Taxi / Transportation companies

ProgrammeReferrer GetsReferral GetsLink / Code
FREENOW£10 in credits£10 in creditsLink – Click here

Referral Programmes from Grocery Delivery companies:

ProgrammeReferrer GetsReferral GetsLink / Code
Gopuff£10 in credits£10 in creditsLink – Click here

Latest additions to the list:

  • Revolut referral bonus: Earn up to £200
    ⚡ To earn the referral bonus from Revolut, you will need to register with Revolut by following this link, create your Revolut account, order your Revolut card, and do 3 transactions with the card over >£5 each until the 2nd of January 2024. Your Revolut account will immediately receive up to £200 as a referral bonus. Additionally, you can refer a friend to Revolut and earn more bonuses.
  • TransferGo Referral Code UK: Earn £30 Bonus
    ⚡ To earn the referral bonus from TransferGo, you will need to register with TransferGo, create your TransferGo account, get your unique referral code, and start referring friends. Your TransferGo account will immediately receive £30 as a referral bonus for every friend who completes a money transfer worth at least >£100.
  • Gopuff referral code UK: Earn £30 in free credits
    To earn the referral bonus from Gopuff, you will need to register with Gopuff by following this link and creating your Gopuff UK account. Your Gopuff account will immediately receive £30 credit as a referral bonus to be used on your next 6 Gopuff orders. Additionally, you can refer friends to Gopuff and earn more bonuses.
  • Poshmark referral code UK: Earn £5 Free
    ⚡ To earn the referral bonus from Poshmark, you will need to register with Poshmark by following this link (from your mobile phone) and create your Poshmark UK account by using the referral code “GIANKAR” during onboarding.
  • FREENOW Promo Code UK: £10 OFF
    ⚡ Are you looking for a valid FREENOW Promo Code in the UK to get £10 off your first ride? Look no further! In this article you ‘ll find a valid UK FREENOW discount code!