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Birra Moretti


Birra Moretti Competitions

Birra Moretti, the popular Italian beer brand, offers fun competitions in the UK giving fans the chance to win big prizes. Keep an eye out on Birra Moretti’s UK website and social media for details of their latest giveaways and how you can enter for free. Exciting Birra Moretti competitions have included opportunities to win cases of Birra Moretti beer, merchandise bundles, pub tap takeovers and more. Entering is easy – simply follow the instructions provided online when each new competition launches. Make sure to check back regularly at so you never miss out. With amazing prizes like VIP trips to Italy, Moretti bike giveaways, and cases of ice-cold Birra Moretti up for grabs, you won’t want to miss the next competition. Don’t let the opportunity pass to win fantastic Birra Moretti prizes.